Second International Symposium
on Image based Metrology

Courtesy of R. Berke (Utah State University)

Examples of topics:


X-ray imaging

IR thermography


3D volumetric measurements


High speed video

Courtesy of J. Hertzberg (Colorado University Boulder)

After ISIMet 1, which has been so inspiring, we are very pleased to announce the second ISIMet conference, devoted to all measurement techniques based on sample imaging. It includes the use of visible light, IR thermography, X-ray imaging, MRI... and others, with all related developments of specific tools for measurement, image treatment, and physical analysis. All applications using these techniques (Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanic, Bio Mechanics, Astrophysics, Medical Engineering...) are very welcome ! Indeed, the primary objectives of this Symposium is to create a new opportunity for these different scientific communities to share their experience and cutting edge developements in the area of Image based Metrology.

Technical papers and presentation-only are both welcome. A thorough review process will be conducted to assess the quality of the full papers. The best ones will be published in special issues of International scientific Journals. All other papers will be deposited in an open archive for free online access. You also have the opportunity to propose workshops including demonstrations with small-scale setups !

Looking forward to receiving your contributions (see the deadline for the abstracts !), and meeting you in December 2017 in Hawaii,
Sincerely yours,

Tadd Truscott
Utah State University, USA
Olivier Coutier-Delgosha
Arts et Metiers ParisTech (France) / Virginia Tech (USA)