Design of a static test rig for advanced seals and air bearing testing

A.-L. Zimmermann, R. H. M. Giepman, Q. T. Nguyen Tran, C. Aalburg, V. Gummer

Abstract: Today's industrial gas turbines are required to cope with strong fluctuations caused by a strongly varying feed of renewable energies into the grid. These transient operating conditions result in high temperature gradients and consequently lead to increased axial and radial displacements of turbine parts. Such flexible operations need to be supported by novel sealing technologies. This paper presents a new test facility for investigating advanced seals under 2D static conditions. It facilitates detailed experimental studies of the static pressure distribution on the seal air bearing faces, measurements on the leakage flow through the seal and measurements on the air bearing force balance. The clearance between the rotor and the seal can be set very accurately and it is furthermore possible to apply a predetermined amount of eccentricity to the seal / rotor combination.