Digital Image Correlation
Full-field quantitative data from micrometers to meters and hertz to megahertz - the DIC journey from university curiosity towards an industrially accepted technique

Abstract: Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is a full-field optical shape, displacement, and strain measurement method that has developed wide use in mechanical engineering for material testing and FE model validation. The explosive growth of both imaging and computing technology since the start of DIC in the 1990's has greatly increased its range of applicability and power. This talk will highlight the growth of DIC through a range of examples including quasi-static and high rate testing at both the large scale and the micro-scale testing. However, the acceptance of DIC in industry has been delayed by a lack of testing standards and training and certification of users. Furthermore, a thorough understanding of uncertainty quantification (UQ) of the measurement - particularly traceability - has also hindered DIC. I will highlight the current approach to answering these problems including the DIC Challenge results and our current understanding of DIC uncertainty. I will then discuss future directions of DIC.