Awards for the Best Presentations

First Prize
Samane Zeyghami, Lehigh University (United States)

Samane is currently a post-doctoral research associate at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania where she works on unsteady hydrodynamics of flexible propulsors, unsteady fin-fin interactions and ground effect. She received her PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from University of Virginia, and her MSc and BSc in Aerospace Engineering from Sharif University at Tehran, Iran. Her research interests span through several areas including bio-inspired fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interactions, computational sciences, mathematical and numerical modeling. Abstract / Paper

Second Prize
Anna-Lisa Zimmermann, TU Munich (Germany)

Anna is a research assistant and PhD student at the Institute of Flight Propulsion and Turbomachinery at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. G├╝mmer. She has been a member of Technical University Munich since March 2016. Before that, she studied Mechanical and Process Engineering at Technical University Darmstadt and has deepened her competences in the area of fluid dynamics and turbomachinery. Amongst others she has developed extensive experiences on the field of secondary air systems of turbomachinery. Within the FLEXTURBINE project, Anna Zimmermann is involved in experimental and numerical investigations of an advanced, non-contact sealing technology. Abstract / Paper

Second Prize
James Waters, Providence College, United States

James is in his 4th year as a Biology faculty member at Providence College, running a research lab studying ant physiology, collective behavior, and biomechanics. Formerly, he was a postdoc in complexity science at Princeton University, a graduate student in Jon F. Harrison's comparative physiology lab at ASU, and a mathematics major at The University of Chicago. It was at Chicago where he met Dr. Jake Socha, who taught a course for non-majors on Animal Locomotion that was pivotal for developing his interests in biology and bioimaging research.