Keynote speaker - plenary session

Roland Baar
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Roland Baar is director of the Internal Combustion Engines department and laboratory of the Technical University of Berlin. Prof Baar received his PhD at the University of Hannover. He has a broad industrial background in different executive positions in the automotive industry where he worked for 10 years at an OEM (Volkswagen) and an-other 5 years at a TIER1 supplier (Voith Turbo). Since 5 years he is full professor in Berlin. His research interests lie in boosting technology and combustion and the de-velopment of experimental methods and simulation models. Moreover, he is working in the field of full engine models of combustion engine based hybrid powertrain in real driving operation. Prof Baar is member of the IMechE Committee for the turbocharging conference, member of the International Advisory Board of the Competence Centre for Gas Exchange at KTH Stockholm, associate editor engine of the Springer journal "Au-tomotive and Engine Technologyā€¯ and assessor of German research fund organization AiF.
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