Steven L. Ceccio is the ABS Professor of Marine and Offshore Design and Performance and the Department Chair of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of Michigan. He has appointments in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Applied Mechanics. He received his B. S. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan in 1985. He received his M. S. degree in 1986, and his Ph. D. in 1990 both in mechanical engineering from the California Institute of Technology. Upon completion of post-doctoral studies, also at the California Institute of Technology, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1990. He was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 1996, and Professor in 2003. He served as an Associate Vice President for Research at the University of Michigan from 2004 to 2009 and as the Director of the Naval Engineering Education Center from 2010 to 2015.

Prof. Ceccio’s research focuses on the fluid mechanics of multiphase flows and high Reynolds number flows, including flow in propulsors and turbomachinery, cavitating flows, vortical flows, friction drag reduction, the dynamics of liquid-gas, gas-solid, and three-phase disperse flows, and the development of flow diagnostics. He has served as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Fluids Engineering. He has also acted as a consultant to government and industry. Prof. Ceccio is a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and of the American Physical Society, and he was named the 2014 Freeman Scholar by A.S.M.E.