F13 - Hydraulic machinery

Organizers: S. Liu & E. Doujak

Shuhong Liu is working as a professor at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), teaching Applied Fluid Mechanics. Her major is Fluid Machinery and Fluid Engineering. Research objects include hydraulic turbines, pump-turbines, pumps, hydraulic couplings, blood pumps, focusing on complex internal flows, i.e., cavitation, multiphase flows, and flow instabilities.

Eduard Doujak graduated in mechanical engineering from the TU Wien and works since 1995 as an assistance professor at the TU Wien / Institute for Energy Systems and Thermodynamics / Department of Fluid-Flow Machinery in Austria. He is involved in the development of Small High Head Hydropower Plants and investigations in the design of High Head Hydraulic Machines with special consideration to pumped storage systems.


Hydraulic machinery in the context of ISROMAC16 Conference mainly refers to hydraulic turbines, pumps, or pump-turbines. Stable and reliable operation of the hydraulic machinery with high efficiency requires control and mitigation techniques of various instabilities, e.g., pressure fluctuations, vibrations, etc. This challenge requires in-depth knowledge of complex internal flows (including cavitation & multi-phase flows), flow-structure interaction & rotor-dynamics, especially at off-design operating conditions. As a result, numerical predictions, experimental measurements, and theoretical analyses of the unsteady/transient flow field and hydraulic performance with high accuracy are of great importance. Sophisticated multi-objective design and optimization methodologies are of great interest, based on the performance over a wide operating range, rather than only the design condition.
The Hydraulic machinery Forum of the ISROMAC 17 Conference aims at providing opportunity for a lively exchange of ideas on recent advances in the research involving (1) numerical studies; (2) experimental studies; (3) design and optimization of hydraulic machinery.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- Novel design and optimization methodologies

- CFD studies of the internal flows, with particular emphasis on turbulent unsteady flowfields

- Flow-structure interaction, rotordynamics

- Experimental techniques in hydraulic machinery

- Pressure fluctuations and vibrations in hydraulic machinery

- Cavitation and multi-phase flows in hydraulic machinery