F14 - Centrifugal pumps

Organizer : B. Gao

Bo Gao is Associate Professor at Jiangsu University (China), working as the deputy director of Department of Fluid Machinery and Engineering. His research interests include the unsteady flow induced hydraulic exciting forces in pumps, laser-based internal flow field measurements, optimum design of centrifugal pumps and system.


Centrifugal pump is widely used in almost all fields of human's life related to the liquid transportation, such as agriculture, urban water supply, sewage water treatment, petrochemical industry, nuclear power industry and even aerospace industry, etc. This technology involves a broad spectrum of flow phenomena which have a profound impact on design and operation through the achieved efficiency, the stability of the head-capacity characteristic, vibration, noise, component failure due to fatigue, as well as material damage caused by cavitation, hydro-abrasive wear or erosion corrosion. Operation and life cycle costs of pumping equipment depend to a large extent on how well these phenomena and the interaction of the pump with the system are understood.
The Centrifugal Pump Forum of the ISROMAC16 Conference is to provide an opportunity to the engineers and scientists from industry, academia and national laboratories involved in research and development in the area of pumps to discuss their current work. It is encouraged to present the work in progress with short lead time and promote discussion of the problems encountered. The forum will include papers dealing with different areas of centrifugal pumps such as, but not limited to, (1) hydraulic design and optimization methods, (2) unsteady flows and visualization, (3) rotordynamics and fluid-structure interaction, (4) multiphase flow and cavitation, (5) operation and life cycle costs.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested topics

- Hydraulic design and optimization methods

- Unsteady flows and visualization

- Rotordynamics and FSI

- Multiphase flow and cavitation

- Operation and life cycle costs

Keynote lecture

Ning Zhang Department of Fluid Machinery and Engineering at Jiangsu University

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