F21 - Turbomachinery Optimization

Organizer: M. Meyer

Marcus Meyer is a member of the CFD Methods Team at Rolls-Royce Deutschland. He has been actively engaged in research and development in the fields of simulation, optimization and uncertainty quantification for 20 years and participated in a large number of national and European research projects dedicated to these topics. His current interests include the application of adjoint-based aerodynamic shape optimisation and the transition from deterministic to probabilistic analysis in the industrial context.


Numerical optimization methods have seen a significant increase of use in the academic and industrial setting in the last decade. Their application in the process of turbomachinery component, subsystem and system design has proven to be beneficial to further improve the design quality on an already high level.

Nevertheless there are still significant challenges related to the efficiency, robustness and user-friendliness of optimization algorithms and software, which require further research and development in this field.

The present forum will provide a platform to present and discuss research and applications in the field of turbomachinery optimization, spanning the full range from innovative optimization algorithms to applications in the industrial context.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- Gradient-free and black-box optimization methods

- Gradient-based and adjoint optimization methods

- Multi-disciplinary optimization

- Multi-fidelity optimization

- Surrogate model based optimization

- Optimization under Uncertainty

- Applications in the academic and industrial setting

- Experimental validation of optimal configurations