F22 - Miniaturized Rotating Machinery

Organizer: A. Cervone

Angelo Cervone , Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.


Recent years have seen an increasing interest in the development of smaller and smaller rotating machines, following the global trend towards miniaturization and mass/size reduction of engineering products reaching, in some cases, extreme levels of downscaling to micro- and nano-scales. MEMS gas turbines and combustion chambers for micro-electric generators, micro-pumps for bio-engineering purposes, rotating machinery for application in small satellite propulsion and power sub-systems, are just some examples of the outcomes generated by this trend.
The objective of this forum is to attract papers from all fields of rotating machinery miniaturization, discussing current design, production and testing trends but also visions for future ones.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- Design, modelling and characterization (including Computational Fluid Dynamics) of miniaturized pumps, turbines, combustion chambers, bearings

- Facilities for test, verification and validation of micro-rotating machines

- Innovative materials and fabrication techniques for micro-rotating machines

- Magnetic micro-rotating machines and bearings

- Rotordynamics and instabilities in high-speed, micro-scale rotating machines

- Thermo-fluid dynamics of high-speed, micro-scale rotating machines

- Assembly and inspection of micro-rotating machines

- Micro-pumps and other micro-rotating machines for bio-engineering purposes

- Miniaturized rotating machinery for the future generation of small satellites