F25 - Transition of
rotating boundary-layer flows

Organizers: S. Garrett & S. Stephen

Stephen Garrett holds a Chair in Fluid Mechanics at the University of Leicester (UK). He is Research Director of the Department of Engineering and also leads the Computation Engineering Group. Stephen's primary interests are in fundamental instability mechanisms in flows over rotating bodies and he uses analytical techniques.

Sharon Stephen is an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics. She was previously at the University of Birmingham (UK), and has recently joined the University of Sydney (Australia). She investigates transition to turbulence in boundary-layer flows using theoretical asymptotic methods, with particular interest in crossflow instability occurring in rotating flows.


The Transition Forum of the ISROMAC 17 Conference aims to discuss recent advances in the understanding of fundamental instability and transition mechanisms in rotating boundary layers and the application of these ideas in practical flow-control mechanics of industrial importance. Analytical, CFD and experimental contributions are encouraged to ensure an inter-disciplinary environment.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- Instability mechanics in canonical and real rotating boundary layers

- Later stages of transition and breakdown to turbulence

- Control of unstable flows and flows undergoing transition

- Nonlinear dynamical systems related to transition

- Global-mode approaches

- Transition simulations

- Interaction of transition mechanisms with non-Newtonian fluids, reacting fluids and other complex physics