F29 - Fluid structure interactions & Multiphysics coupling

Organizers: X. Huang & C. Rodriguez

Xingxing Huang, Senior Engineer in R&D department of WinGD AG in Switzerland (formerly SULZER Diesel), researches on fluid structure interaction & multi-physics coupling of large low-speed engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping based on numerical simulation and site measurement.

Cristian Rodriguez is Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Concepcion (Concepcion, Chile). His work is mainly focused on the diagnosis and condition monitoring of large hydraulic turbomachinery, taking into account the flow induced vibration. He has 12 years of experience with in-situ analysis and measurements of actual large hydraulic turbomachinery.


Fluid structure interaction (FSI) & Multiphysics coupling which combines fluid dynamics with structural dynamics, has already become one of the hottest topics in various academic and industrial fields and has attracted a large number of scholars and engineers to contribute their ideas and efforts.
It is not uncommon to see the reports on the failure, cracks and damages of the large structures induced by flowing fluid. Taking the large rotating machinery as an example, Fluid structure interaction & Multiphysics coupling problems, such as flow induced vibration and damage, have to be taken into consideration carefully during the design phase.
In most cases, the Fluid structure interaction & Multiphysics coupling problems are very complicated. Therefore, the Fluid structure interaction (FSI) & Multiphysics coupling forum of the ISROMAC 17 Conference sincerely welcomes/invites you to share your innovative ideas, cutting-edge achievements within your high quality research papers related to (1) Advanced scientific and technical methodologies, (2) Experimental and numerical investigations, (3) Physical phenomena understanding and engineering applications etc.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)

- Multiphysics coupling

- Fluid-structure Coupling (FSC)

- Fluid and mechanical/structural analysis

- Thermal dynamics and Thermal-Fluid-Structure Coupling

- Structural-acoustic coupling

- Magnetic-thermal-structure-fluid coupling

- Flow induced vibration/ stress

- Rotor-Stator Interaction (RSI)

- Rotor dynamics analysis

- Sound and vibration, noise control

- Fatigue and damage analysis

- Site measurement and data analysis

- Dynamic behavior analysis of complex structures

- Life time assessment of complex structures

- Pressure pulsation, vortex shedding, phase resonance, cavitation

- Modal analysis (mode shapes, natural frequencies, damping, added mass of fluid)

- Advanced techniques on simulation (CFD, FEM) and experiment