F30 - Verification and validation
(V&V) applied to turbomachinery

Organizers: J. Lindau & M. Kinzel

Jules W. Lindau serves as a Senior Research Associate to the Applied Research Laboratory and Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Penn State. He has research, teaching, and industrial experience in the areas of computational fluid dynamics, multi-phase flow modeling, turbomachinery, and turbomachinery instability modeling. He has been a principal investigator of ARL/Penn State supercavitating CFD research efforts since 2001. He has authored or co-authored many refereed journal publications, numerous invited and submitted international conference publications and presentations related to the computational fluid dynamics modeling of supercavitation, turbomachinery cavitation, aircraft engine surge and rotating stall, wave-rotors, and heat transfer during laser cutting. He was previously employed by the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and as a post-doctoral researcher at NASA/Lewis.

Michael P. Kinzel, Ph.D., is a Research Associate and a member of the Computational Mechanics Division of the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State. Dr. Kinzel is experienced in both the application and development of computational fluid dynamics for single and multiphase flow for rotating machinery. Dr. Kinzel is also experienced in modern V&V methods, a critical aspect for the application of CFD codes for design and design verification. Dr. Kinzel applies CFD to many applications, including helicopters, propulsors, gearbox systems, surface ships, rockets, and sand/soil flows.


The focus of this forum is quantifying the error and uncertainty of computational methods.This forum is meant to encompass any effort that relates to the application of V&V to computational modeling of turbomachinery, including salient physical measurements. The session also invites works assessing current and novel methods and practices.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- ...