F35 - Axial flow fans
and inlet flow distortion mitigation
as applied to VTOL UAV systems

Organizers: C. Camci & E. Ayder

Cengiz Camci is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University since 1986. He currently directs his research activities in his lab "Turbomachinery Aero-heat Transfer Laboratory" . He obtained his doctoral degree with his thesis entitled "Discrete Hole Film Cooling of Gas Turbine Rotor Blades" at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in 1985. Dr. Camci is an ASME fellow (2007) and he received three best paper awards from the ASME Heat Transfer Division, Fluids Engineering Division and IGTI Education Committee throughout his carrier. His research interest are in Aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery, analytical and experimental fluid mechanics, heat transfer in air breathing propulsion systems, turbine cooling, ducted fan aerodynamics for VTOL UAV systems and san erosion of helicopter rotor blade tips. He published more than 140 technical papers in his research areas. He is currently an Associate Editor of ASME Journal of Turbomachinery. He is a member of Pratt&Whitney Center of Excellence on Aero-Engine Research at Penn State University.

Erkan Ayder is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Istanbul Technical University. He obtained his doctoral degree at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in 1993.


The main theme of this forum will focus on axial flow fans and inlet flow distortion mitigation as applied to VTOL UAV systems. Inlet flow distortion is a major performance limiting flow problem when ducted fan systems operate in the unavoidable transition zone from hover to edgewise flight of a modern VTOL UAV. The axial flow fans operating in this transitional regime suffer from heavy performance penalties because of high angle of attack operation of the fans. In addition to inlet flow distortion mitigation studies the forum will also include experimental and computational research results from present day aerodynamic studies performed for improved aerodynamic performance of axial flow fan systems.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- Axial Flow Fans


- Inlet flow distortion

- Axial fan design

- Ducted fans

- Inlet lip separation

- High angle of attack ducted fan operation

- Aerodynamic experiments

- Aerodynamic computations