F37 - Transport phenomena

Organizer: H. J. Holl

Helmut J. Holl is working as an Ass.-Prof. at the Institute of Technical Mechanics at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria. He developed a time-integration procedure for the application in nonlinear rotor-dynamic systems including substructuring and variable mass systems. His current research is in the field of the interaction of axially moving structures and variable mass systems, furthermore he is teaching numerical and experimental methods in mechanics.


When considering production processes the transport of mass, heat and energy is very important. The transported mass is either solid or liquid and can cause vibrations, which influence the whole production process and can reduce its efficiency. The change of mass, energy and momentum has to be considered carefully for the mechanical modelling in process and chemical engineering, where frequently rotating machines are used to maintain the suitable process. For a proper modelling the application of a control volume and the dimensionless analysis is useful.
The transport phenomena addressed in this forum mainly will focus on the vibrations based on mass transport. Specially axial moving materials like belt drives, conveyor belts and transversally loaded beams are subject to vibrations. Typically the interaction with rotating systems has to be considered for the coiling process of strips and sheets. The flow of liquid through moving pipes and other types of fluid-structure interaction present in chemical and biological processes are further subjects for this forum. For these mechanical systems the boundary conditions for moving materials are considered to be non-material. Parametric excitation and stability are important if the variation of the tension force, the length and the motion at the boundary is defined by a function of time. For the transport of mass the dynamics of variable mass systems has to be considered. The suitable time-integration algorithms compute an appropriate numerical solution of these non-linear dynamic systems within a short computation time and guarantees converged and accurate results.
This forum provides a frame for researchers, scientists and engineers to exchange information to present and innovative problems in the field of transport phenomena.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- Interaction of moving mass and rotating machinery

- Axially moving continua

- Moving viscoelastic and viscoplastic materials

- Variable mass systems

- Vibrations of timing belts

- Vibrations of conveyor belts

- Vibrations of band saws

- Spacecraft deploying appendage

- Flexible telescopic manipulators

- Parametric excitation of belt drives

- Dynamics of Coiling processes

- Dynamics of Spinning process

- Mass, heat and fluid transport in technical systems