Forum 4 - Temperature measurements

Special workshop !!

Non-contact calorimetry in reactive biphasic millifluidic flow by IR thermography
C. Pradere, M. Romano, J.C. Batsale
(I2M-TREFLE, UMR CNRS 5295, France)

Measurement of the temperature in the liquid around a vapor bubble, during expansion and collapse, with a high speed IR camera. From: Dular & Coutier-Delgosha, "Thermodynamic effects during growth and collapse of a single cavitation bubble" JFM, 2013.

Temperature measurements in fluids are a very exciting topic, in which a large variety of techniques have emerged with specific interests and limitations, such as IR thermography, fluorescent tracers, cold wires, the schlieren technique... In all cases, performing high speed measurements to detect transient phenomena is still an open issue because of the time response of the sensors or the limitations in the framerates of the IR cameras. We would love to discuss these topics with you in next April in Hawaii !