F5 - Gas turbines

Organizers: T.S. Kim & D. Tucker

Tong Seop Kim has been working as Professor in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering at Inha University, Korea since 2000. His major research interests are design and analysis of energy systems, especially gas turbine based power generation systems. He also has teaching and research experiences at Seoul National University, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Aachen University of Technology, and Solar Turbines Inc.

Dave Tucker is the Project Leader and principle investigator for the Hybrid Performance (Hyper) project at the U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). Previous to his employment at NETL, Dr. Tucker had a diverse career in academia and industry. His research experience includes fuel cell turbine hybrid systems with an emphasis in system integration and control of gas turbine based hybrid systems.


The gas turbine is a comprehensive rotating machine which needs a variety of knowledge to design and operate, such as thermodynamics, aerodynamics, heat transfer, rotor dynamics, material technology, control, and system integration. Gas turbines are widely used for land, sea and air, and their importance in each application has been rapidly increased, especially in power plant industries. System level studies on various gas turbine based power generation systems are as important as the research and development for engine components. Ranging from simple cycle to advanced cycles integrated with other types of devices, gas turbines are very important because they directly contribute to reduction of fossil fuels and CO2 emission and reliable operation.
The gas turbine forum of ISROMAC 2017 aims to provide an international forum to exchange recent advances in gas turbine systems. Special emphasis will be given to system level studies such as design, operation and diagnostics of gas turbines and advanced cycles, but every other aspect of gas turbine research including aerodynamics, heat transfer, combustion, rotordynamic, control, etc. will also be welcome.

Non-exhaustive list of suggested Topics:

- Enhancement of performance and operability of gas turbines and gas/steam combined cycle

- Novel cycle concepts using gas turbines (polygeneration, renewable source integration, fuel cell/gas turbine hybrid systems, carbon capture, etc.)

- Diagnostics and monitoring of gas turbine plants

- Dynamics and control of gas turbines

- Advanced aerodynamic design and analysis of components (compressor, turbine, etc.)

- Hot parts cooling, heat trasnfer and material issues

- Combustion, emission and fuel flexibility

- Small and micro gas turbine technologies