Dr. Paul Durbin is a professor in aerospace engineering at Iowa State University. He received his BSE in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences from Princeton University and his PhD from the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) at Cambridge University. After a post-doc at Cambridge, he became a research engineer at NASA Lewis (now NASA Glenn). He spent two years as a visiting associate professor at the University of Arizona, then went to the Center for Turbulence Research, at Stanford, as a senior fellow. After that he became a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford. Ten years ago, he moved to Iowa State University, as the Martin C. Jischke professor. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society. Professor Durbin's research is in theory, analytical modeling and simulation of turbulence and transition, especially on bypass transition. He has developed various models for Reynolds averaged prediction of turbulence and transition, and for detached eddy simulation of turbulent flow. Working with his students, he has explored the basic mechanisms and phenomenology of bypass transition and mixed mode transition by direct numerical simulations. He is the author of two books on fluid dynamics and turbulence. Professor Durbin regularly serves as a consultant on turbulence modeling.