ISIMet 2
Keynote speaker - plenary session

Christophe Pradere
CNRS researcher
I2M Institute, Bordeaux, France

Christophe Pradere has obtained his PhD degree at ENSAM-PARISTECH School on thermal characterization of carbon fiber at very high temperature. Since 2006 he is a French CNRS researcher at I2M institute with research field around heterogeneous thermal system of energy conversion by using multispectral imaging. Since 2015, he is also associated researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology. In 2017, he has become associated researcher at LOF laboratory as well as senior researcher at Tomsk University. During this period, Dr. Pradere has published 60 papers, 6 patents, 6 invited conferences, and more than 50 international congress. In 2015, his team has realized the cover of the international Chemical Engineering Journal for work in thermal and microfluidic, and also obtained the award of the Biot-Fourier prize from the French thermal society for the work in thermal tomography and the silver photon of the photonic show for multispectral imaging technique. Finally, he is the cofounder of the NeTHIS (New THz Imaging System) start up and manager of the TIFC team (Thermal Imaging Fields and Characterization) at TREFLE department of the I2M institute.