ISIMet 2
Keynote speaker - Forum 1

Gasper Rak
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gasper Rak graduated in 2006 with thesis "Using spatial data in open channel hydraulic" at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), where he was subsequently employed as assistant. Main focus of his work is numerical and physical modeling of river hydraulics, flood hazard assessment, flood risk management, spatial information systems etc. In recent years he has also been involved in numerous studies for two large hydro projects dealing with the designing process. During his postgraduate studies, he analyzed a floodplain land use impact on the runoff regime in a retention area and consequently on flood wave propagation. In 2013 he obtained his MSc title with the thesis "Hydraulic Analysis of Floodplain Land Use Effects on Flood Wave Propagation". He belongs to the teaching staff of the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics, where he also did his researches of different hydraulic structures and phenomena. This year he earned his Ph.D. title with thesis entitled "Water surface topology of supercritical confluence flow". Memberships: SDHR.