Keynote speaker - Forum 20

Arthur M. Reed
Naval Architecture and Engineering Department, David Taylor Model Basin (NSWCCD), USA

Arthur M. Reed is the Senior Scientist/Technical Consultant for High-Speed Ship Hydrodynamics in the Naval Architecture and Engineering Department at the David Taylor Model Basin (NSWCCD), the U.S. Navy's principle laboratory for the science and engineering of ships and submarines. His research focuses on advancing the fundamental understanding of the hydrodynamics of ships. He has performed research on the resistance and propulsion of small water-plane area twin-hull (SWATH) ships, propeller design, seakeeping, maneuvering in waves and hull-form optimization. Dr. Reed is a Fellow of the Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (SNAME), for which he is the Chairman of the Analytical Ship-Wave Relations (H-5) Panel; a member (1 of 4) of the Georg Weinblum Memorial Lecture Organizing Committee (an annual lecture on ship hydrodynamics given in both the US and Germany); a member of the Papers Committee; and the lead author for two of the volumes of Principles of Naval Architecture (Fundamentals: Hydrodynamics, Rigid-Body Dynamics and Random Processes, and Motions in Waves). Dr. Reed is serving in his fifth, three-year term on the International Towing Tank Conference, four terms as a member and then chairman of the Stability in Waves Committee, and is currently a member of the Quality Systems Group. Dr. Reed has written over one hundred journal and, conference papers, and technical reports in the area of ship hydrodynamics. Three of his conference papers have won SNAME's annual Linnard Prize for best paper. He has acted as a technical consultant to numerous government agencies including DARPA, NAVSEA, ONR, OUSD (AT&L) and DoJ.