Workshop : Non-contact calorimetry in reactive biphasic millifluidic flow by IR thermography

C. Pradere, M. Romano, J.C. Batsale

I2M-TREFLE, UMR CNRS 5295, Esplanade des Arts et Metiers 33405 Talence

Goals and objectives: This work concerns the development of a non-contact calorimeter for two-phase flow characterization. The biphasic flow is performed under a droplet configuration inside millimetric tubings which are inserted into the isoperibolic chip. The main idea is to combine the Infrared Thermography and microfluidic tools to propose a suitable technique for accurate measurements (see figure 1).
Microfluidics enables the use of small reaction volumes thus limiting any risk of dangerous reactions inside droplets, the Infrared tool enables to monitor the thermal signature of these flows with high accuracy. The results show that this tool is able to estimate the thermophysical properties of non-reactive flows. Also, it is possible to characterize chemical reactions or phase change in terms of enthalpy and kinetics.

Steps of the workshop:

Explanation of microfluic material and method

Description of InfraRed thermography applied to microfluidic Calibration procedure of IR camera

Presentation of "heterodyne" technique for high speed acquisition (up to 100 kHz)

Acquisition method and image processing (velocity measurement...)

Inverse processing and modelisation, of specific heat. Application to chemical reaction or phase change